Congresswoman Debbie Lesko’s Bill to Protect Medicare and Social Security Supported by National Senior Citizens Group

The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) has endorsed Congresswoman Debbie Lesko’s legislation to protect Social Security and Medicare. In July, Congresswoman Lesko introduced H.Res. 1026, a resolution recognizing Medicare and Social Security as important programs that must be protected for current enrollees and strengthened for the future. Following AMAC’s endorsement of her bill, Congresswoman Debbie Lesko (AZ-08) released this statement:

“I am so pleased that the Association of Mature American Citizens has endorsed my legislation to protect Social Security and Medicare,” said Lesko.  “It is satisfying to know that such a large national organization representing senior citizens recognizes my hard work and commitment to seniors living in my district and Arizona.”

“As an organization committed to representing mature Americans and seniors, AMAC remains dedicated to ensuring senior citizens’ interests are protected,” said Dan Weber, President and Founder of AMAC. “We appreciate your ongoing and dedicated commitment to guarantee that Medicare and Social Security are provided to senior citizens. AMAC is proud to offer our organization’s full support to H.Res. 1026.”

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